Vitamin supplements are essential to top up the vitamin needs of the body that you would normally not get from food. But since the effect of the deficiency is not immediate, it is common for people to forget to stock and consume them. This is especially vital among South Asians as vitamin deficiencies due to genetic disposition and lifestyle are mor commonplace. For a brand as established as Vitabiotics in the supplement market, it was vital that there is constant reminder for the need to take supplements among South Asians and that the brand remains top of mind for any vitamin needs.


Through a carefully crafted media strategy, we ensured that Vitabiotics got a resounding presence across different South Asian TV channels, the most popular media consumed, throughout the year. To do this, we created a bespoke strategy by cherry picking sponsorships and spots in key properties across South Asian TV. Each high performing show across channels had Vitabiotics as a sponsor and spots were placed strategically for maximum eyeballs. We planned it such that across different channels, the sponsorships would oscillate from one winner to another, reducing overlaps and maximising ROI. To add to this, different products from within the Vitabiotics portfolio (Wellman, Wellwoman and Wellkids) were placed on channels that were most relevant to them.


Vitabiotics became a household name among those watching South Asian TV. Not only did the brand benefit from customised curated media deals, we have been deploying this strategy for the brand for the past 6 years.

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