Pride Month

Pride Month

June is Pride Month, a month dedicated to celebrating the LGBTQ+ community and the activists who fought for the rights of this community.

The history of Pride Month dates back to the Stonewall Riots in New York that began on the 28th of June 1969. These riots were organised by members of the gay community which sparked a cultural revolution and was the start of the Gay Liberation Movement.


Celebrating BAME LGBTQ+ Figures

There have been plenty of BAME LGBTQ+ figures throughout history who have been heroes in the community.

In fact, some key figures in the Stonewall Riots that championed LGBTQ+ rights included LGBTQ+ women of colour including Stormé DeLarverie and Marsha P. Johnson who were both Black women and Sylvia Rivera who was of Puerto Rican and Venezuelan descent.

Another key figure in LGBTQ+ activism, was Martin Luther King’s key advisor, Bayard Rustin who was gay and African American. He was both a civil rights and LGBTQ+ rights activist and in 2013 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the USA’s highest civilian honour.

One of the most famous LGBTQ+ people of colour to have made history is none other than rock icon Freddie Mercury the lead singer of the British band Queen. Freddie was born in Tanzania and was of Indian Parsee descent.

Multicultural Pride

UK Black Pride is the largest celebration of African, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and Caribbean-heritage LGBTQ+ people in Europe. This year it will be running from 2nd – 4th July 2021. To find out more please visit:

Traveller Pride is an organisation that provides support and resources for the LGBTQ+ Traveller, Gyspy and Romani communities. To find out more please visit

Why should your business celebrate Pride?

There is a growing awareness and focus on equal rights for the LGBTQ community. Modern consumers are more likely to support businesses that are LGBTQ+ friendly. According to a Think with Google survey, 45% of consumers under the age of 34 said they were more likely to repeat business with an LGBTQ-friendly company and 54% of them said they would prefer a brand that values equality over a competitor. As for consumers under the age of 24, 47% are inclined to support a brand after seeing an equality-themed advert. 67% of consumers surveyed by YouGov stated that they would be more willing to spend on a brand that engaged with the LGBTQ+ community. Supporting equality for all is a win-win for businesses and consumers.

#MulticulturalBritain #Facts

According to ONS predictions, 4.2% of people aged 16-24 identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual. The number of people in the UK who identify as LGBTQ+ is now at 2% which is a 0.5% increase from 2012.