A Month of Giving at The Piece Hall

A Month of Giving at The Piece Hall

This month The Piece Hall is launching ‘A Month of Giving’ which is an initiative inviting visitors to donate toiletries and food to support local Yorkshire charities. The main inspiration behind A Month Of Giving is the spirit of Ramadan, which is a time for reflection and giving back to the community through acts of kindness and charity.

Noor Ali, the ambassador for The Piece Hall states, “We want to do our part in giving back to those in need this month, and we encourage everyone to donate and help us give back. Together we can make a positive difference in the community”.

Piece Hall has partnered with the Moonlight Trust charity for A Month of Giving. Moonlight Trust was founded by Noushin Aslam Raja, who upon facing a personal life tragedy, decided to turn her traumatic loss into a force for hope and compassion. The charity helps those who are suffering from poverty, sickness and social injustice and aims to make a positive difference in people’s lives. They began their good work in the UK and have now expanded their projects to Greece, France, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Serbia, Bosnia and the Middle East. Some of their projects include providing emergency relief. At the start of the pandemic, they launched a local emergency response to Covid-19 to provide essential food and care packages to thousands of vulnerable people across Dewsbury, Batley and Kirklees. Raising awareness, education and promoting diversity as well as unity are important parts of their mission.

Other charities that The Piece Hall has partnered with for A Month of Giving include Calderdale Lighthouse, Gathering Place and St Augustine’s, all of which play a large role in helping their communities. We at Here and Now 365, are honoured to have played a part in helping Piece Hall’s mission. We did this by designing the ‘A Month Of Living’ logo.



We urge everyone who can donate to help support this noble cause by donating.

To find out more about how to donate please check out: www.thepiecehall.co.uk/article/a-month-of-giving and visit www.thepiecehall.co.uk.