A Mystical Unveiling By Udayraj A. Gadnis

A Mystical Unveiling By Udayraj A. Gadnis

A Mystical Unveiling By Udayraj A. Gadnis


At London’s Nehru Centre this Monday, the famous Indian painter cum guru cum mystic man  unveiled his latest work – a flamboyant piece in red, orange and gold that symbolises the power of the sun.

His simple yet fascinating paintings are inspired by Hindu spirituality and ancient Indian wisdom. As seen in the gallery above, the works depict abstract shapes which are charged with esoteric meanings and supernatural force.

Curated by Mr Miguel Angel Araujo Collazo, a personal friend of the artist, this exhibition was Udayraj’s fiftieth solo show – titled Adhbhut (Sanskrit for ‘the awesome’). The central theme of all works was the soul, or Atma. “Come out from the circle of your time into the circle of my love,” he enigmatically told the room.

For those who are familiar with the career of Udayraj Gadnis, it will be a small wonder that the ceremony of unveiling the main piece took on some of the nuances of a religious rite. With eros oozing out of every canvas and divinity as a common motif used in them, each of the paintings was also on offer for auction, bringing the fortuitous buyer a specific set of positive life influences ranging from good luck to banishment of jealousy and fear, to material successes, health and a sound judgement.

Udayraj’s motto in life is “I am here to fulfil my unfulfilled Karma; rest is only an illusion.” Aptly, some of the man’s disciples as well as many of his benefactors were present at the viewing, making for an atmosphere of familiarity among attendants. It felt like a get-together of old acquaintances to celebrate and support their guru’s new artistic project. The main VIP guest at the event was Mr K D Lamba, Chief Executieve of Bank of Baroda’s European business.


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