Asda's Diwali Fiesta Proves a Success

Asda's Diwali Fiesta Proves a Success

We also celebrated Diwali with Asda, in honour of their expanded range of tasty and affordable festive foods and the introduction of Diwali displays to the season aisles of select stores for the first time. 

Hosted at Benk + Bo Bakery in Aldgate, the event featured vibrant decorations of flowers and twinkling lights and a tantalising tasting menu created especially for the occasion by Radhika Howarth. Guests, including media personalities, food bloggers, and influencers were delighted by Radhika’s inventive treats, and many were amazed by the fact every single ingredient used could be found on Asda’s shelves. 

About the process of designing the menu, Radhika said ‘People have asked if it’s been a slog… but it’s been easy with Asda’s range to create dishes that are simple to put together and full of flavour.’

We helped Asda to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere with interesting conversation and Radhika’s bold and inventive Indian flavours, showing their commitment to expanding their ranges and better serving the minority communities of the UK. One attendee made a point to stop and thank the Asda team for their work in expanding their ethnic ranges. More than just making it easier for people to shop, she said, it made people from minority communities feel respected. 

radhika's diwali delights

gulab jamun based parfait desserts in shot glasses
makhni sauce on square plates
spice encrusted squares of paneer cheese
Radhika plated up Chana Samosa Chaat Shots (top image), Spice Crusted Paneer Tikka Cubes (right), and Italian-inspired Arancini Balls accompanied by Makhni sauce (left), followed by a small portion of Navratran Pulao and a parfait of Shrikhand and Gulab Jamun (above).