Asda partners Mums this Ramadan in stocking up the essentials in advance!

Asda partners Mums this Ramadan in stocking up the essentials in advance!

Asda partners Mums this Ramadan in stocking up the essentials in advance!


With eight weeks to Ramadan, Muslim mums have already started preparing for the holy month. Along with the 30 days of fasting comes the responsibility of planning out meals, budgeting, shopping for essentials and making sure your family gets something special and wholesome every Sehri and Iftari. At Asda we understand the essential needs of your family. So, we have come up with the Ramadan Essentials Checklist to help you budget and stock up this Ramadan.

During the holy month of fasting, sacrifice and worship, Iftari is the time the entire family comes together to break their fast, and it can be a bit tricky balancing the kitchen, taking care of the children, preparing Iftars for the family and keeping the worship on track.

We spoke to some mums to find out what their Ramadan essentials are; and Manchester based Nabeela Irshad shared some interesting tips with us: “I need to ensure certain items like dates are stocked up in advance because the first thing you break your fast with is dates and we need to have them in the house. Also items like rice, oil, chapatti flour and gram flour have a longer shelf life and can be bought in advance. I usually pick them up on a deal and store them for Ramadan. This way I don’t need to hop between shops every few days.”

A mother-of-two from Oldham Bushra Javed will start stocking up for her essentials in the beginning of May. “For me spices are the most important thing. I tend to pick up spices and get my marinades ready before hand. Because when I am fasting I cannot taste the salt and flavours so it is always good to have them ready. Also, the last thing you want during Ramadan is to realise the spices are over and have to go running for them.”

Mahwesh Husain from Birmingham said: “During Ramadan people visit us a lot for Iftari during the weekends and with my kitchen well stocked up I feel confident. My list of essentials includes Rubicon juices, canned tomatoes, chickpeas and the staples. I keep a healthy stock of these in my kitchen cabinet to last me the entire period of Ramadan. This way I have one less thing to worry about and it helps me budget better. “

Since Ramadan is different from regular days, it is important to understand the customer’s needs and shopping patterns. Mirroring the community’s mind set, Asda has reaffirmed its commitment in partnering mothers during Ramadan with authentic quality ingredients at unbeatable prices.

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