Asda partners with Charities for Iftar Drives across the UK this Ramadan

Asda partners with Charities for Iftar Drives across the UK this Ramadan

Asda partners with Charities for Iftar Drives across the UK this Ramadan

The month of Ramadan brings with it the sentiments of self-introspection, tolerance and giving. It is that time of the year, where Muslims across the world put aside a portion of their income and donate (Zakat) it towards betterment of the less privileged.

Asda understands the importance of religious observances amongst various multicultural groups in the UK. Every year, Asda consistently reaches out and partners with various communities in the spirt of social cohesion. This year for Ramadan, Asda has extended support to charities in the UK and will be reaching out to community members with wholesome Iftar packs that contain dates, nuts and water. Asda will donate Iftar packs during Iftar gatherings across five locations in London, Coventry, Sheffield and Birmingham.

Speaking about the initiative, Shaz Manir The CEO of Amirah Foundation said: “Many of the women we work with are in complete destitution. It is vital we provide a safe environment for women to come together and form friendships across religion, class, and age. Our Iftar events make sure these disadvantaged women receive a healthy wholesome meal in a social setting. This year, we would like to thank Asda for providing our ladies with Iftar food packs and for supporting us.”

Echoing her sentiments Yassar Taj from As-Suffa said: “Sometimes we forget that there are people who do not even get a proper meal a day, and as an organization we try and help the vulnerable and homeless as much as we can. We are happy this year Asda has decided to partner us in our Iftar drive across the UK, by donating Iftar packs.”

With the community at the heart of this year’s Ramadan campaign, Asda will be donating Iftar packs on the 8th of June in London and on the 9th and 10th of June in Birmingham with As-Suffa Outreach and Amirah Foundation respectively. Asda will also contribute to the Iftar drive with As-Suffa Outreach in Sheffield and Coventry this year.

Talking about the Iftar drive spokesperson from Asda said: “At Asda we constantly endeavour to make the shopping experience better for the community, through new ranges and exciting offers but we understand that Ramadan is not just about that – it is about being a part of the community through giving, which is why every year we try and give something back to the community.”

Touched by Asda’s gesture 37-year-old Amina Asghar from Birmingham said: “In today’s times, it is good to see supermarkets like Asda join the community in these charitable endeavours. It brings out the true meaning of Ramadan and makes us feel integrated and wanted as a community.”

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