Behind B.K. Modi's 'Buddha'

Behind B.K. Modi's 'Buddha'

Behind B.K. Modi’s ‘Buddha’


On Saturday morning I got a call and was invited to spend the evening watching ‘Buddha’ on Zee TV with the maverick billionaire Mr. B.K. Modi – writes Manish Tiwari, our CEO.

I was curious to know what prompted Singapore’s 27th richest person (Forbes) to venture away from his business norm into something which obviously is his passion. Mr. Modi, a United Nations (UN) Coordinator for the Indian subcontinent and the author of books such as ‘One God’ and ‘Hinduism – The Universal Truth,’ decided to take his vision into his own hands by financing and leading the project himself.

Buddha has been a towering figure in world iconography and has gained popularity in the Western world surpassing most religious/spiritual leaders. To my delight, BK Modi’s ‘Buddha’ was not the saccharine television soap version of religious story telling which we we’re so used to after the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata got beamed in India but is rather a well produced, technically adept and well researched story telling. It was a well-blended, crossover between the West and East retaining the essence of Buddha; the layers of the story, empire, politics embodied in the background.

Buddhism has a renaissance like no other religion of yore; possibly the fastest growing religion in the Western as well as the Eastern world owing to its scientific outlook and deep compassion. Mr. Modi who has an eccentric core running through him with his divergent visions and ideas has created a new UN-like organisation called the ‘Global Citizen Forum’ which aims to use technology to promote the concept of ‘Global Consciousness’ to the remotest part of the world with a focus on achieving environmental balance, ensuring food security and an education that is not only aimed at gaining material knowledge but also focussed on evolving beyond self interest.

Mr. Modi’s technology focussed mind combined with his eastern philosophy clearly marks him as a new age thinker and entrepreneur very well abreast and possibly ahead of his time.


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