Brand Britain rests on the shoulders of Creative Industries

Brand Britain rests on the shoulders of Creative Industries

Brand Britain rests on the shoulders of Creative Industries

The UK’s creative industries continue to outgrow the rest of the economy, hence it comes as no surprise that more than 90% of MPs in a new poll believe the UK creative industries are vitally important to the future of the UK’s economy, job creation and positive perceptions of Brand Britain.


Our MD Manish Tiwari at the event

The UK creative industries are admired world over. Their success is no accident and their future can be no gamble. Keeping this in mind the Creative Industries Council in partnership with the Government released a report at the House of Commons today, to use British creativity to inspire the UK and the world: with a strategy for growth which will focus on developing UK skills, supporting businesses to start and grow, and boosting exports and inward investment.

Holding the flag for the multicultural creative economy, which is one of the fastest growing sectors, Managing Director of Here and Now 365 Manish Tiwari, who along with the Creative Industries Council aims to spearhead the creative movement in the multicultural sector. Speaking about the event, he said: “I believe UK thrives on the creative industries. Whether it is the food, business or music industry, where UK makes a difference is in its expression of ideas and concepts. The interesting thing is how UK has the ability to absorb a culture and reinvent it and a great example of that is how Chicken Tikka Masala is Marks & Spencers largest selling commodity in the international sector. With creativity and diversity being high on adlands agenda, it is important to recognise the importance of creative industries. Keeping this in mind we will be launching the Asian Media and Advertising Awards soon to promote UK’s creative industry in the ethnic / multicultural space.”

The creative industries now make up over 5.2% of the UK economy ie £84.1 billion! We represent one of the fastest growing sectors for employment, expanding at four times the rate of the UK workforce as a whole. Now, almost 2 million people work in the UK creative industries, rising to 3.04 million jobs when you take account of creative roles in the wider economy. London remains our main hub, but there is significant growth in regions around the UK.

Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the UK.


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