Canada Day

Canada Day

On the 1st of July, we celebrate Canada Day, however, while we celebrate Canada, it is important to remember and acknowledge the colonial past of Canada and the Americas. It is important to take into account the struggles faced by the Indigenous population of Canada.

Justin Trudeau stated that this Canada Day will be a time to reflect on Canada’s relationship with Indigenous peoples. “The truth must be told, and all Canadians must stand with Indigenous peoples against injustice”, he said. Most Canadians agree that the nation must acknowledge the past and educate themselves on Indigenous struggles.

A recent poll shows 77% of Canadian’s support a day of national remembrance for the Indigenous children who lost their lives at Canada’s residential schools, and 20% of Canadians list ‘Indigenous issues’ as a top-three federal issue that they care most about. Many will wear orange to stand in solidarity with the Indigenous community this year, rather than adorning the maple leaf flag.

It is important to not let history repeat itself. The brutality behind Canada’s residential schools, where Indigenous children were forced to assimilate is yet another example of how Indigenous people and their cultures have been oppressed and marginalised throughout history.

We must fight to keep all cultures alive and coexist in harmony. All diverse communities must be given a voice. At Here and Now 365, we are all about ensuring Britain’s multicultural communities feel seen and heard by businesses and brands. Join us and together let’s help build a multicultural future.

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There are about 90,000 Canadians living in the UK according to ONS 2021 predictions. In 2011 the UK had the 3rd largest Canadian population outside of Canada, after the US and Hong Kong. London has long been a metropole to Canadians of British ancestry.