Carnival Celebrations!

Carnival Celebrations!


Though the Bank holiday weekend was a bit of a washout, it didn’t dampen the Carnival spirit. While people thronged to Notting Hill to catch a glimpse of the parade and bask in the festivities, we at Here and Now 365 capitalised on the buzz leading up to the weekend with two media campaigns targeted towards the Caribbean community.


Asda: Salon Strategy

Did you know that African and Caribbean women spend 4-5 hours during a single visit to the salon which is six times more than the average time spent by other ethnicities? With Carnival season around the corner and women gearing up for the festivities, what better way to target the women of every Caribbean household than salons.

We took Asda‘s Caribbean range to 50 salons in high density pockets frequented by the community. The result was overwhelming. Not only was the campaign highly targeted, it garnered a positive word of mouth for Asda driving the Caribbean community to their Carnival aisle.

Suhrud Chimbalkar, Media Director, Here and Now 365 said: “This is the first time a mainstream supermarket has advertised through salons, thereby showing the importance in niche marketing. At Here and Now 365 we always strive to create bespoke media plans to target each community in an effective manner. There is no better way to impact the active and captive African and Caribbean audience. Both the communities have huge spending power and are loyal to brands that appeal to them. For Asda this was a path breaking step in the right direction.”


Supermalt: Outdoor Domination

Carnival is one of the biggest festivals for the Caribbean communities favourite malt drink – Supermalt. Our job at Here and Now 365, is how to make the Carnival season bigger than the previous years. This year we decided to dominate high density pockets and the vicinity of Notting Hill Carnival with T-Sides on prominent bus routes and 16 and 12 sheets at stations, making sure everybody has “#Got It” this Carnival weekend.

Talking about the campaign Suhrud said: “Notting Hill Carnival is an event dear to every African and Caribbean – young or old. The spirit of the event through the years has made it the only ethnic event to attract over a million revellers. With Supermalt the idea was to make the drink more appealing to the youth within the community, so Notting Hill Carnival was the obvious choice. And what better way to target the youth who are always out and about than outdoor advertising. When they are on the tube, catching a bus or even cycling and walking. Through advertising on buses and stations within the vicinity we were successfully able to dominate the Carnival area creating a wide appeal within this mass event and making Supermalt the drink of the festival.”


With the Carnival season coming to an end now it is time for planning ahead for the 50th year of the Notting Hill Carnival in 2016.


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