Come to London, says Boris to Indians

Come to London, says Boris to Indians

Come to London, says Boris to Indians


Boris Johnson goes Battersea to Bollywood.

Tory mayor and free enterprise champion Boris Johnson has always held liberal views on immigration. It’s good to see him now throwing his enthusiasm whole-heartedly behind the entrepreneurial spirit of London’s Indian diaspora.

Reporting on Bo-Jo’s strategic visit to India, Pippa Crerar for The Evening Standard says, “India has consistently been one of the top four investors in London over the past four years. Overall, there are more than 10,000 Indian-owned businesses in London employing 49,000 people — they range from local curry houses to financial services companies and huge global software firms. Together they generate a combined turnover of £9 billion and represent five per cent of the capital’s economy.”

According to The Standard, the Indian community of London accounts for a full 5% of the capital’s economy, so it’s understandable how Boris Johnson is going to considerable lengths to attract new business to London. Although during a conference in India, he told industry magnate and UK’s richest man, Lakshmi Mittal, to forget about ‘eccentric’ French socialist labour regulations and relocate his business to the corporate-friendly UK in his typical style.

The South Asian diaspora plays an important part in the new developments, not lastly because of the combined powers of UK-based NRIs (Non-resident Indians) and Indian outsourcing possibilities.

The already strong network of Indian business people in London is constantly drawing in new ideas and workforce, consolidating its economically crucial position. With the boom in technology and creativity, it’s fair to predict that the number of jobs Indian companies account for will only increase since IT is traditionally a strong point for the Indian community.

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