Cultural Diversity Day

Cultural Diversity Day

The 21st of May is World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. In December 2002 the UN General Assembly declared this day as a day to celebrate and protect cultural diversity, promoting human rights and freedom of cultural expression.

Cultural diversity day matters a great deal. Did you know three-quarters of the world’s major conflicts have a cultural dimension? It is imperative to bridge the gap between cultures to promote peace, stability and development.

Cultural diversity promotes development, economic growth, and allows individuals to lead more fulfilling and enriched lives.

This Friday join hands with us as we celebrate cultural diversity day.

“The root cause of conflicts across the world lies in the denial of cultural freedom to others. A nation-state can be culturally diverse and accepting of different ways of living and if we were to accept this, a lot of the present-day conflicts would be resolved.

As a multicultural specialist, we constantly strive to make brands and big business see beyond the ‘marketing vs sales’ mind map and be holistic by embracing diversity. Multicultural Marketing is about truly respecting your customers and acknowledging their diverse cultural orientation.” – Manish Tiwari, Managing Director at Here and Now 365.

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