From NaMo to Dr M

From NaMo to Dr M

From NaMo to Dr M

Creating One World Beyond Gender, Nationality, Religion And Boundaries


Maverick billionaire Dr M (Dr Bhupendra Kumar Modi) championed conscious capitalism at a recent event in London – Commonwealth 2.0, through the Global Citizen Forum (GCF).

Started by Dr M, the GCF is a movement to create a global citizenship, in order to create one world – without any barriers or boundaries – just like what the world was when it was first created.

Through GCF, he aims to create a new world order – a global passport, which is inclusive and allows people to look beyond boundaries. Keeping this in mind multicultural London is the ideal place to make the movement a success and can be rightly looked upon as a capital.

Why Commonwealth 2.0?

In regard to the movement, The Commonwealth as a political association of states can play a huge role. Formed and led by Great Britain initially as a mode of continuing its economic and cultural relationship with its former colonies, The Commonwealth has graduated from being a platform showcasing the empire’s imperialist power to a symbol of new age globalisation. The leaders of the Commonwealth are now the rising economies spread across Asia, Africa and the Pacific who draw their strength from their citizens and their combined economic prowess.

The stage is set to replace the power of Imperialism with the power of knowledge – a far superior power that can define the framework for a new equitable framework and develop a common socio-economic platform whose fabric in incorruptible.


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