Greenwich Summer Festival – A multicultural outing

Greenwich Summer Festival – A multicultural outing

Greenwich Summer Festival – A multicultural outing


Greenwich Summer Festival is a five weeks long programme taking place in the spectacular area of Greenwich Observatory, overlooking the river Thames, Greenwich University and the high rise skyline of Canary Wharf.

Combining international film, music, food and live artistic performance this is a worthwhile touristic attraction as well as the ideal place to go for Londoners looking for a chilled out night watching live projections of Olympic competitions or participating in comedy, literary or visual art workshops.

As far as variety goes, repeating the old ‘something for everybody’ gag would be an understatement. The whole event was thought out especially to provide quality entertainment outside Central London, so the only way to understand it would be first person.

An honourable mention goes to today’s projections of the Olympic Opening Ceremony followed by a live circus performance by The Hangar Arts Trust. Multicultural sideshows combine Street Performers, Nutkhut Stilt-walkers, Bollywood Brass Bands, Brazilian Drummers, Morris Men, Dog and Pony shows, as well as very well trained Donkeys performing stunts thought confined to the remote parts of tribal South America.

Cheesy (on purpose) Victorian sideshows are also part of the Festival: “Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, step inside & see ‘Madame Electra’ – the voluptuous lady of lightning who defies death in the electric chair! 270,000 volts seering through her beautiful body and she is still alive! And see the ‘Megavolt Medusa’ – an awe-inspiring Tesla oscillator that produces a million volt lightning storm right before your very eyes!”

Our agency appreciates these initiatives – all part of the mega show that is London 2012, and we are all glad to be part of this vibrant city. See you in Greenwich Park this weekend!

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Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the UK.


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