Happy Birthday to the Queen of Multicultural Britain!

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Multicultural Britain!

Happy Birthday to the Queen of Multicultural Britain!


Celebrating the Queen of Diversity!

“Diversity is a strength, not a threat” – Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth has not only been the longest running monarch but also a champion of diversity – a true representative of multicultural Britain. Being head of 53 Commonwealth countries covering Africa, Asia, the America, Europe and the Pacific – she has recognised cultural diversity and multiculturalism as a strength.

Here are some facts, which prove she is the Queen of Diversity:

– She speaks fluent French and often uses the language for audiences and state visits, without the need of an interpreter.

– In 1986, the Queen became the first British monarch to visit China.

– She went on her first state visit as Princess Elizabeth to South Africa with her mother and father, then King and Queen, from February to May 1947. The tour included Zimbabwe, Bechuanaland, Swaziland and Basutoland (now Lesotho). The Princess celebrated her 21st birthday in Cape Town.

– Her first state visit as Queen was to Kenya.

– Queen Elizabeth II has visited 117 countries in 90 years and that too without a passport!

– The official wedding cake at the Queen’s wedding was made by McVitie and Price Ltd, using ingredients given as a wedding gift by the Australian Girl Guides Association.

– The Queen has a personal Canadian flag, its design based on her Canadian coat-of-arms, indicates Her Majesty’s actual presence, and is flown at Government House, from the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill, from automobiles, aircraft and other vehicles, from saluting bases and in other appropriate circumstances.

– In her 90 years she would see the transformation of UK from the industrial hub of a global empire into a cultural power and its development into an ethnic melting pot.

– In Maori language, the Queen is known as Kotuku, which means ‘the white heron’,while in Papua New Guinea she is known in the pidgin language of Tok Pisin as ‘Missus Kwin’ or ‘Mama belong big family’.

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