Happy New Year from all of us at Here & Now 365.

Happy New Year from all of us at Here & Now 365.


Let us all give thanks that we have now entered the home stretch in the “2020 Stakes” being held at the “World Race Course”. The “horses” are galloping toward the wire: which will win? Will it be “Pandemic”? “Fake News”? “Totalitarian Algorithm”? “Conspiracy Theory”? Or will “Faith in Life Itself” be able to come from the outside and pip all the others at the post? My bet is on life itself!
(Text borrowed from Dr. Robert Svoboda)

The last year has been truly the Year of Transitions. It has changed the template for the next decade and thrown ‘PowerPoints’ out of the ‘Windows’ into ‘Zoom’. The diehard marketeers are still coining words for this ‘deep state’, however we feel that this is no time for ‘reset’ rather ‘embracing the whole’. Just as Dr. Robert Svoboda points out that this is the time to rejuvenate our faith in life itself and not just the digital versions of ourselves. The human story can be digitised but can never be only digital.

So while the next few months every marketing and advertising professional would be waxing eloquent on the ‘digitalisation’ of communication, here is a word of caution and the mantra – ‘Be Human first’. The internet is not real in the way that elements and human beings are real.

The din and noise of Happy New Year will soon catch on and at least temporarily take over the pandemic blues. I hope that all of us find this time of reflection also a welcome time for transition.

We will be there for you whenever you need to write the next chapter in your brand and communication story and yes, we believe in embracing the whole and creating a human story which is also multicultural and reflective of our collective evolution in human history.

Happy 2021.

Manish Tiwari and the team @ HereandNow365

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