How Marketing Has Changed - An Always on World

How Marketing Has Changed – An Always on World


Before I go to sleep, I do it.

I wake up in the morning, I do it.

I must do it a 100 times a day.

I can’t live without it.

What is it?


The digital world has changed the way consumers interact with constant connectivity, interaction, engagement and creation.

The internet has shrunk the world as our consumers can now come from a country thousands of miles away and at anytime people can tweet, comment or even make a purchase. These interactions are second by second, everyday and global – we are now an ‘always-on world’.

The notion of switching off our phones or not being near an electronic device is alien to us, as much as we hate it we also love it, either way it’s not going to change and will most likely grow.

So what does this mean for brands and marketers?

While these changes present huge opportunities for brands they also pose a high level of threat for those that aren’t ready to absorb the ‘always on world’. The problem lies with the fact that as professionals we have perfected the delivery of single events and campaigns but now the campaign-based approach is no longer fit for purpose.

The ugly truth is that brands are not ready for this level for change, they haven’t thought about it, planned for it, assigned the necessary budget, developed the infrastructure for listening and understanding but most importantly they haven’t even accepted it.

Brands need to turn what consumers are saying into actionable insights from the noise of customer conversations and transform these in to creative marketing and communication strategies. Brands must plan, track, understand and interact – consistently across hundreds of touch points – all in real-time.

But with the sheer volume of data and varying consumer habits, preferences and purchasing patterns it is understandably hard to do this. Changing your internal processes to adapt to the ever-constant change is no easy task and that’s where Here and Now 365 comes in, you don’t need to change your whole organisation in order to understand your consumers better, we have created an agency built for the always-on world.

Our digital-savvy strategists, content creators, creative team and agile marketers work in a flexible manner so that there is always a team monitoring how your brand is evolving.  Our practical business processes enable our clients to thrive in a developing landscape. We will not only listen to your customers but also plan and execute a bespoke strategy to suit your business needs. We simply aim to make your product or service succeed, we’re just asking clients to be brave and we will too.

So will you take this step?


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