Interesting Trends From Lockdown 2021 Found in IPA's TouchPoints

Interesting Trends From Lockdown 2021 Found in IPA's TouchPoints

How have eating habits changed from pre-Covid to Lockdown 2?

  • 45% more people got takeaways in the 2021 lockdown than in pre-Covid times.
  • The number of 15-24-year-olds who get takeaways went up from 21.9% pre-lockdown 2020, to 30.4% in lockdown 2021 – which is a 38.8% increase.
  • There was an 87% increase in online searches for fast food/delivery from pre-lockdown 2020 to lockdown 2021 (from 7% to 13%).


How have viewing habits changed?

  • The number of 15-24 year-olds using Tik Tok has increased by 212%.
  • There was a 15% increase in people watching any TV/Video (on any device) since pre-Covid times.
  • People watched an average of 4 hrs 29 minutes of TV (of any form) per day, which is up 17% from pre-lockdown 2020 (3 hrs 50 min).
  • While 66% of TV/video was live or recorded, when broken down by age group, the figure was 89% for over 55s, but only 27% for 15-34s.
  • ‘Other video’ was at a 19% share of all TV/video for 15-34s compared to 7% for all adults and only 1% for over 55s.
  • Paid/On-demand video was up to a 40% share for 15-34s, but only 5% for over 55s and 19% for all adults.
  • Tik Tok reached 43% of 15-34s during lockdown 2 and increased in popularity by 212% (from 13% pre-lockdown 2020).
  • For all adults, Tik Tok reach was at 11.5% (up from 4% pre-lockdown 2020).


More Interesting Facts

  • There was a 31% increase in the number of people doing DIY in Lockdown 2020, but a 12.3% increase in DIY in lockdown 2021 from pre-lockdown 2020, meaning that while people were still interested in home improvement, the interest had dwindled.
  • More people practised mindfulness/meditation in lockdown 2020 (which increased by 14.1%) than in lockdown 2021 where it fell by 7%.
  • While online property and job searches saw a dip in lockdown 2020, their searches increased in lockdown 2021 (both going from 6% in lockdown 2020 to 10% in 2021)