Invoking Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence

Invoking Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence

Invoking Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence

“God and the laws of the universe are the same for every human being irrespective of one’s caste, creed, religion or nationality.”

– Pujya Swami Shree Paramatmananda Saraswatiji

Portcullis House was enamoured by the intelligence, wit and spirituality of Pujya Swami Shree Paramatamanada Saraswatiji at a Leadership and Spiritual Intelligence talk hosted by Mr Shailesh Vara MP on behalf of the Indo-European Business Forum.

With an enthralled audience including Mr GP Hinduja, CE of European Operations Bank of Baroda Mr Dhimant Trivedi, MD and CEO of Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd Mr Brajeshwar Sharma and ED and Deputy Chief Executive of Union Bank of India (UK) Ltd Dr Anand Kumar – this interactive session was filled with anecdotes and learning’s ranging from the world’s present scenario to life goals.

Swamiji on today’s times 
In a world engulfed by violence, Swamiji’s talk was extremely poignant. Comparing today’s times to the last century wherein 80% of the wars were caused by religion, he said in the present scenario the biggest wars were surrounding culture, religion and economic leadership.

Indian Vedic Faith
Throwing light on Indian Vedic Faith, he spoke about how we are all part of the same universe and that is what forms the differentiating factor from Western faiths – there is no duality, no conflict as the creation and the creator is the same.

Making the most of opportunities
As people we all have risen due to certain opportunities we have got in life. However, he reminds us that we must have the grace to make use of our position and where we have reached by making opportunities available for others and helping them out. After all that is the true essence of leadership – to help pave the path and create opportunities.

On the goal of life
According to Swamiji people have lost sight of their end goals in life, and for some possibly having a goal in life. Quoting the Bhagwad Gita – he said we have misunderstood the saying “Do your duty, without expecting results”. He stressed it is unusual to think human beings will work without expecting results. Everyone expects something in return and works towards a goal and it is important to work towards that.

Expecting results
During the course of the evening Mr Hinduja questioned as to why some people are well off and others aren’t when everyone works and strives towards a better of future. To which Swamiji replied – results or rewards are a continuous process – while for some it may be immediate, for others it will take time and maybe a few lives.

While these are just a few snippets of the conversation, the evening was filled with inspiration and education.

The evening culminated with a vote of thanks to Vijay Goel of the Indo-European Business Forum and Manish Tiwari, MD, Here and Now 365.

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