Let's celebrate Chinese New Year!

Let's celebrate Chinese New Year!

Let’s celebrate Chinese New Year!


Did you know?

Chinese Londoners have been settling since the 1880s making them one of the London’s largest immigrant communities.

While we all relish the Cantonese, Huanese, Sichuanese, Taiwanese and other Chinese cuisines at Chinatown in Soho – the original Chinatown was in Limehouse.

In case you want to beat the rush in Soho, there is a second Chinatown in Bayswater as well.

London and San Francisco both claim to host the largest celebrations outside of Asia.

One sixth of the world will observe Chinese New Year, with celebrations in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, along with other countries with significant Chinese populations.

Lastly, if you were born in 1957, this year is particularly important for you.

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