Maa's Choice



Brand Strategy / TV Production / Experiential


Rank Hovis came up with a plan to launch a new brand of chapatti flour. Although this is a cluttered and fragmented market, an opportunity was identified, one which would help drive consumer loyalty. Our task was to first understand the category and study the consumers’ behaviour before developing a brand strategy which would resonate with the consumers.


We embarked on a quest with Rank Hovis to understand the consumers’ needs. After 8 months of intensive research and robust product testing, a new brand was formed and launched in May 2015 called Maa's Choice Chapatti Atta. The second stage in this brand journey was to create a clear positioning for the brand through evocative brand communication. The third stage was to spread the word and grab the consumers’ attention through marketing communication which included a TV campaign, an engagement plan including Melas, sampling and targeted high impact outdoor activities.


The brand launched across all major TV channels and reached over 1.5million viewers. The interactive engagements at Melas reached 11,000 people and 35,000 free samples were distributed across the country.

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