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As the market leader in Indian cooking sauces, Patak’s was surprised to find that their products were not in demand amongst the South Asians in Britain. They needed to change this situation and so they came to us.



First, we studied the target demographic to identify the root of the problem. The results concluded that our target audience were internet savvy, young working mums who were always on the move and had no time to cook. They were aware of the cooking sauce but didn’t know how to use it. And they were likely to adopt the product if exposed to a cooking demonstration. Based on these results we came up with the 321 Desi Cooking digital campaign. We created a series of YouTube videos demonstrating how to cook 3 delicious dishes using just 2 spoons of the sauce from 1 jar of Patak’s. In each video an aspirational South Asian was shown cooking famous desi dishes with the pastes. The rigorous casting process culminated with successful food bloggers, Indian food passionistas, Food Glorious Food finalists and Indian cook book authors. The YouTube channel was supported by print, social media, digital and POS.


The videos had 10,395 views and over 50 subscribers in just 12 weeks. Patak’s saw a spike in sales following the activity in their pastes category making it the perfect end to the campaign.

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