Make Eid special for your little one this Eid

Make Eid special for your little one this Eid

Make Eid special for your little one this time


Eid is just around the corner and at Asda we know you are busy balancing the last few days of Ramadan and preparing for Eid to make it a memorable day for your family.

From making the perfect Sheer Korma to marinating the meat for that delectable biryani, you must be running around putting in all the effort that goes into making this Eid memorable but there is that special member in your family who looks forward to Eid with bated breath every year. Whether they are excited about the sweets or Eidi, when they get gifts and goodies ranging from toys to chocolates or money, Asda knows you are looking for ideas on how to make Eid extra special for your little ones.

This year we asked kids and mums about what made their Eid special. We bring you heart-warming stories featuring a mother and son duo, Tasneem and Moiz Tawawalla, and how they plan on making Eid special this year. The stories also feature how little Naqiya helps her mum with household chores before Eid and how the siblings, Raheel and Shazia, are working towards their Eidi.

Mother and Son Duo – Tasneem and Moiz

Every year Tasneem, mum of six-years-old Moiz sees a flurry of activities taking place for Eid. From relatives visiting, to dishing up some Eid favourites and making sure the kids are having a good time. This year Eid is especially important for the mother of two from St Albans since her relatives in the UK and her family in Pakistan will be coming for a visit. “This year the house is going to be packed and I have to ensure there is something for everyone to look forward to. Since the kids will be busy playing with their cousins and collecting Eidi from everyone, I need to make sure they eat well as well while they are busy with fun and games. So while there will be biryani and sheer korma, I will also be getting some Bombay mix, kebabs and samosas for them to munch on while they play.”

While six-year-old Moiz Tawawalla loves his mum’s Eid special biryani, he is looking forward to his grandparents visit. He said: “This year I told Nani to get me an Iron Man toy so I can play superheroes with my friends and she promised me she would. During Eid my mum and dad usually give me new clothes, all my cousins come over and we get to eat lots of chocolates and play the whole day.”

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Mummy’s little helper – Naqiya

As Moiz looks forward to the gifts and chocolates, little Naqiya from Manchester will be helping her mother in the kitchen with the preparations. “Every time I am in the kitchen, she follows me around and watches what I do. Usually when I am cooking she makes her little chapattis. This year for Eid she is looking forward to sevaiya. She keeps asking me when I’ll be making it and if she can help as well. So I am planning to get her to help me with sprinkling the pistachios and adding a bit of mango for decoration.”

Speaking about her favourite dish twelve-year-old Naqiya said, “My mum’s sevaiya is the best. I always look forward to it and sometimes she adds a bit of mango in it. This year she has promised that I can help her in the kitchen and my daadi said if I do a good job she will give me lots of chocolates for Eidi!”

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Sibling Teamwork – Raheel and Shazia

While Moiz and Naqiya are looking forward to their gifts, brother and sister duo – Raheel and Shazia Khan are working towards their Eidi. Speaking to us about why they deserve the best Eidi, ten-year-old Raheel said, “This Eid my sister and I have made Eid Mubarak cards with a special message for everyone in the family. Also Shazia and I have promised to study hard and get good marks if we get a good Eidi from our mum and dad.”

From looking forward to their favourite dishes to working towards their Eidis, Muslim kids across the UK are looking forward to Eid celebrations. At Asda we know how important Eid is for the little ones, that’s why this year we are providing great deals on their favourite dishes, chocolates and toys under one roof so that you make this festive day even more joyous for them.

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