Marketing 101 – Let me tell you a story

Marketing 101 – Let me tell you a story


Let us take you back to your childhood for a quick moment. Remember when you did something wrong, you knew that your mum or dad would give you a lecture. All you wanted was for the ‘conversation’ (I use conversation lightly) to be over so you can go back to playing or doing what you were doing before.

Let me take you back to a fonder memory, when your mum would tell you to go sleep but you refused and would only go if she read you a story. The story would always lead to an important lesson, which was far more digestible than a cold telling off. You’re remembering those stories aren’t you and the lessons that followed them?

This is an issue many brands face; they start pushing messages out far more instead of having a conversation with the consumer. Your consumers are like children with short attention spans. Every consumer wants to be seduced, lured and attracted to your brand rather than have it forced down and for this reason; we at Here and Now 365 create campaigns through storytelling.

In order to compete and stay relevant, nurture a brand and their individual product stories as it’s this story that is the true essence of a brand and makes it worth listening to. As important as a captivating design, stories makes people decide if they like you, trust you, if you understand their needs and if they want to do business with you.  It is this that will make them a loyal customer, deepen the relationship and enable you to continue to grow.

How do we do this?

We believe in the value of a ‘long idea’ that disseminates through the customer journey, supported by smaller nuggets of content and communication. Through a blend of digital, creative and content creation we aim to reach, engage and ultimately sell to your target audiences in real time.

Both brands and agencies will need to work in a way where quarterly planning, ‘big-idea’ campaigns and rigid traditional set-ups are replaced with a continuous cycle driven by customer insights and multiple channels.

 What will this result in?

Through this approach, brands can interact with customers with creative content driving conversations on constant and micro-level and therefore are able to influence them on a daily basis.

What does this mean for you?

Feel free to send an email or call us anytime to discuss what we can do for you.


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