Migration in the Urban World

Migration in the Urban World

Migration in the Urban World


With more and more people seeking opportunities in urban cities – majority of the major metropolitan cities have become a melting pot of multiculturalism.

The current urban population is estimated at 3.9 billion and by 2050 it is expected to cross over 6.4 billion – with three million people around the world moving to cities every week.

Migration is driving much of the increase in urbanisation, making cities more diverse places to live in with nearly one in five of the world’s foreign-born population residing in established global gateway cities.

According to the World Migration Report 2015, in cities such as Sydney, London and New York migrants represent over a third of the population and, in some cities such as Brussels and Dubai, migrants account for more than half of the population. There has also been a remarkable growth in migration in Asia and Africa in the recent years, with foreign born residents doubling in Seoul.

Speaking about the report, Here and Now 365 Managing Director Manish Tiwari said: “Migration will change the demographics of the world in the next 10 years with more impact than what it has had in the last 100 years as it creates a consciousness of being a world citizen and at the same time being a carrier of one’s own roots. With the rapid increase in migration, the world will be a melting pot of diverse cultures inhabiting in a cluster, where it will be imperative for countries to practice pro-migration governance; this is because a multicultural society will make us more inclusive as a society and bring along economic and social benefits.”

14 of the world’s most foreign-born populated cities


Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the world.


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