Multicultural Britain looks forward to Coronation Weekend

Multicultural Britain looks forward to Coronation Weekend

On May 8, 2023, King Charles will become the new King of England, officially christened. It is indeed a matter of much significance in history as it is occurring after 70 odd years, 1953 was when his late Mother was crowned. King Charles erstwhile Prince of Wales has stood for a set of progressive and inclusive values throughout his public life which makes his tenure one to look forward to.

In 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, the population of the UK was approximately 50 million with about 20,000 citizens only being Non-White. Fast forward to 2023, when the population of the UK was about 67 million, 18% or almost 1.2 million residents are Non-White. This data comparison is perhaps sufficient evidence for King Charles to insist on a multi-faith coronation ceremony, evolving from being a ‘Defender of the Faith’ to a defender of all faiths.

He has made several high-profile visits to temples, gurdwaras, mosques and synagogues. In a remarkable forward movement, Westminster Abbey is the venue for frequent multi-faith services, including the Commonwealth Day ceremony held in March every year. There are also sufficient reports to indicate that representatives from different faiths shall participate in the coronation ceremony. Muti faith representatives are expected to play a leading role at Westminster Abbey and engage with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who will be presiding over the ceremony. Besides, non-Christian clerics may also be invited to join a procession of religious leaders. Heralding a change, in certain key protocols that were upheld rigorously 70 years ago when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

The Coronation Quiche, their choice of special dish for May 8, also imbibes this spirit of blending. Clearly from Franco-German origins, it does represent the moorings of the British monarchy – rooted in a cross-cultural European milieu. The integration of original influences sets a valuable context for the tenor of the coronation, the cycle concluded by the multi-faith assembly. 

In tune with the vastly changed geopolitical scenario globally in the past 70 years. It will also naturally evoke much interest globally and make Great Britain appear at the forefront of much international curiosity.

At HereandNow365, our belief in the power of a multicultural Britain has been suitably strengthened by the latest edition of the Carolean Era. In terms of belief, passion, and conviction, we wish King Charles the very finest for the years to come while looking forward to a robust age of prosperity and happiness, valid for all and denied to none.