Multicultural London

Multicultural London


With 2014 coming to a close, some self-reflection is always in order. Over the past few decades, London has become an increasingly diverse patchwork of ethnicities and languages. Today 2.5 million people in London are foreign-born. The city is home to 270 nationalities and 300 languages.

Popular sandwich chain Pret-A-Manger boasts a workforce that includes 105 nationalities. In 2010 almost 600,000 migrants relocated to London for the long-term—starkly contrasting the approximately 225,000 Britons who have left the country. Between the expansion of the EU and increasing mobility of Nigerians, Turks, Somali and South Asians, London has reached a new level of diversity: “superdiversity”. The city brings together an unparalleled number of nationalities, ethnicities and foreign tongues.

This influx of migrants have proven essential to every level of the workforce, but specifically at the top. Those bringing in a strong skill set is vital for the growth of London’s economy. Even those on lower ranks of the economic pecking order have proven equally important by providing reasonable and flexible labour. It is for this reason Mayor Boris Johnson has spoken out against capping non-EU migrants.

With 2015 already on the horizon it’s time for businesses, brands and thought leaders to consider this increasingly “superdiverse” metropolis in their 2015 brand strategies.

Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the UK.


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