Nepal Centre UK inaugurated

Nepal Centre UK inaugurated

Nepal Centre UK inaugurated

Inaugural Ceremony held at the House of Lords on 24th April showcased Nepalese culture and Nepal’s connection with the UK.


On Wednesday 24th April, Baroness Sandip Verma welcomed guests into the House of Lords for the opening ceremony of the Nepal Centre in the UK. She stood to introduce the event quoting, “I am very grateful to Nirmal for all the hard work he is doing to bring the UK and Nepal together.” She added how important it was to show the “great history of Nepal”. She added that it “does need a lot of involvement as many people do not know about Nepal.” Baroness Verma was then gifted a painting of the Himalayan mountains by Nirmal Kumar Thapa, President of the Nepalese Centre UK, before her departure.

Lord David Evans of Watford, who had written a book on India, conducted the event. He showed great interest in Nepalese culture. He then turned the floor over to Nirmal Kumar. He told guests the reasons behind opening the Nepalese centre in London. He started with the history of Nepal and its connection with the UK. Nirmal said that the centre is “placed in London, but it is a centre for the world and with London being a capital city, this is a great way to introduce great cultures to a many different people.”

Dr Sangita Shrestha, Research Associate for Centre of Nepalese Studies in the UK, highlighted some of the events taking place at the centre in the coming year. This included Art Exhibitions showcasing Nepali temples and promoting Nepalese culture and Nepal Restaurant with organic food and décor inspired by Lord Shiva. There will also be a house project this year along with activities, cultured shows and concerts by legendary musical maestros and an online portal to get an authentic taste of Nepal before visiting the country. Dr Sangita summed the list up with a message to say, “we hope to grow more with your support.”

Supporters and investors of the Nepal Centre were also asked to speak. They included Manoj Kumar Sharma, Chief Executive Officer of ThinkUX ltd, specialising in technology. Manoj quoted “the Nepal centre is a gateway to the new generation.” He spoke of his own investment in introducing virtual reality headsets to experience Nepal and about embracing technology. Manoj shared the importance of the new generation understanding and knowing about Nepal so they can “go back home and make a difference” adding, “I think the Nepal centre will be the platform to do that.”

Lord Evans invited Manish Tiwari, CEO of Here and Now 365 to speak. The focus was on ethnic diversity in marketing, hence Manish shared, “Britain, once the empire, should become a land where diverse cultures are celebrated, and Nepalese culture is rich and steeped in great knowledge.”

The event then ended with everyone coming together, taking pictures and networking whilst enjoying food and soft drinks. We would like to wish Nirmal Kumar Sharma the best of luck with the Nepal centre opening in London and we look forward to visiting it soon.

Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the UK.

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