Saragarhi was their #BattleofBritain

Saragarhi was their #BattleofBritain

Saragarhi was their #BattleofBritain – #SikhSoldiers commemorated at #Saragarhi2016


Saragarhi Day – The true spirit of Khalsa never shone so valiantly as in the Battle of Saragarhi. Now soon to be the subject of at least three Bollywood films, Saragarhi was an outpost in the hills of the North West Frontier Province, now Pakistan but then part of British India.

British Soldiers fought against Afghan tribesman knowing well in advance that they had little chance against the 10,000 crowd who had surrounded them. They made Guru Gobind’s selfless cry to fight against injustice – ‘Sawa lakh se ek ladau…’ (I will make one  count against 125,000) a reality.

Here and Now 365‘s Managing Director, Manish Tiwari, who attended the commemoration said: “The Battle of Saragarhi proves that the spirit of Khalsa is the greatest ode to a warrior. Unparalleled in the history of mankind, the valiant fight fought by the Sikhs against injustice and religious persecution, the Khalsa stands for the highest moral ground, to be the saviour of the downtrodden and be a warrior supreme. The values of the British Army – Loyalty, Courage, Integrity, Respect for Others, Discipline and Selfless Service have been honoured by the brave Sikh Warriors and both British and Indian society stand indebted to them.”

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