South India Melam – London 2012

South India Melam – London 2012

South India Melam – London 2012


The London South India Melam – 2012 takes place this year on the 14th & 15th September at Gabriel’s Wharf, South bank, London.

It’s a free for all two-day carnival providing the perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the South Indian celebration flavour.

At the visitors’ disposal and for their enjoyment, organisers will be rolling out the very best of South Indian cuisine, handicrafts and dances from all four southernmost states of the Indian subcontinent. Today we shall detail the dancing performances to be expected from the 2012 Melam.

South India Melam – London 2012

The common name ‘Melam’ is an umbrella-term for different types of percussion instruments originating from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and other parts of South India. Playing the Melam (Panchari Melam for indoors and Pandi Melam for outdoors) is a ritual associated with celebrations at Indian temples, hence the name of this event.


This event is mainly a celebration of the vibrant South Indian culture, and an integral influence on this culture over the years has been the Indian Tiger. Unfortunately, that is now an endangered species, due to diminished habitat, hunting and other factors. Creating awareness of the dire situation these powerful felines are in is our duty.

Dance Highlights

Yakshagana from Karnataka: A hypnotic experience of artistic dance and traditional costumes, displaying episodes from India’s folklore literature.

The Bharatanatyam of Tamil Nadu: A classic dancing style and one of India’s most popular and widely performed world-over.

Keralan Kathakali: Internationally famous, visually powerful classical dance form that encompasses ballet, opera, masque and pantomime.

Kuchipudi from Andhra Pradesh: Defined by choreographic grace and fluidity of movements, this dance is usually performed to Carnatic music, while the dancers mimic the songs with emotional facial expressions and swift glances.


The upmarket South Bank Centre, situated on the spectacular waterfront of the Thames, has a grand capacity of 1 million+ visitors.

South India Melam reaches out to an audience of more than 60,000, many of whom are expected to show up on the day. As an outdoor event, it will take place on the stunning promenade of the Riverside Walkway, ideal for evening and night time occasions.

Gabriel’s Wharf
56 Upper Ground

South Bank
London SE1 9PP

Main Sponsor: Lebara Mobile

Associate Sponsor : State Bank of India



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