Star Nach Baliye

Star Nach Baliye


Star TV, India’s foremost entertainment channel and one of the most popular in the UK launched a reality dance show called ‘Nach Baliye’. They wanted to promote the show among the younger South Asian audience in the UK, many of the Gen 2, who were not doing appointment viewing on the channel as such but would occasionally view specific content like movies. The challenge was to find a way to communicate the relevance of the show to these younger audience and make it look exciting and relevant to them.


With the multi-fold task of establishing the launch of the new show, finding the young South Asian customers and getting them excited about Nach Baliye, we created a series of high energy flash mobs at prominent locations in London, in line with the kind of content people could expect from the show. Professional dancers synchronised a dance routine which ended with the popular Bollywood song ‘Nach Baliye’ which coincided with the name of the property. Through branded t-shirts, a strong brand and property connect was established. These performances were recorded from different camera angles and we created edits that were pushed online, giving the activity amplified footprint.


Not only were the young South Asians present at these locations tapping their feet along with the routine, the performances were picked up by the local media and created a resounding halo around the show. The flash mobs became viral online and got over 10 million views worldwide organically! Such was the popularity of the activity that it was actually featured on the channel itself and broadcast globally. Needless to say, Nach Baliye became and continues to be one of the most popular and successful dance reality shows on Indian television with a loyal younger audience in the UK

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