Vatika Victories

Vatika Naturals - Vatika Victories Campaign


Vatika Naturals is one of the leading South Asian hair care brands, brought to the UK 24 years ago by the illustrious house of Dabur. True to the Dabur legacy, Vatika offers a range of hair care products from oils and shampoos to hair masks in a variety of natural ingredients, from the humble coconut to the exotic castor, each product is specifically formulated keeping the South Asian hair type in mind.

Vatika’s customer base is largely gen 1 South Asian women who know the legacy of the brand and have experienced the efficacy of the products. Over the past couple of years, Vatika has forayed into expanding their customer base by targeting the 2nd gen younger South Asian women as well. These women are used to using mainstream high street brands that cater to the common denominator when it comes to hair care. But South Asian hair (like all the other hair types in their own right) requires specialist care and Vatika products are formulated keeping this in consideration. Also, this generation of potential Vatika customers are more online and on social media. The brand has been making inroads on social media channels, especially Instagram to increase its customer base and generate awareness among the younger audience.


How does one show the efficacy of hair care products without the opportunity of demonstration? On the face of it, all hair care brands talk about their products being effective. So how do we break the mould and not only emphasise that Vatika is for South Asian women but also that it is trendy and understands them and their needs, and do all this on social media. With followers on the brand page being both the social currency and a source of assurance to the online target audience, the objective was also to increase the follower base on the back of the campaign.


Our internal research and understanding of the target audience suggested that on social media, it is not the claims that Vatika makes but how it showcases solutions to real hair problems that these South Asian women face every day. In doing so, the brand can connect at a deeper, more personal level with the customer and create the possibility of trial by the customer.


The International Women’s Day in March 2020 was a great opportunity to talk about women empowerment, independence, and their ability to take challenges head on. With this in mind, the idea that we developed was called Vatika Victories. This campaign focused on the everyday hair issues that women face and how they go about defeating them, eventually coming out victorious. Through a smart stop motion style execution, the campaign showcased 5 everyday South Asian women, from the office goer to the adventurous outdoor one and addressed their hair problems. Different hair problems were mapped with the different ingredient ranges that deliver on those specific problems, creating a direct link to which product to use for them. The campaign showed Vatika as a contributor to the everyday small victories that the women achieve when they overcome their hair problems.


By highlighting these common hair problems that the South Asian women face and showcasing the brand as a solution to these problems, Vatika was able to create relevance among the target audience.Within just 12 days of the campaign, with an average reach of 47.7k and 716k impressions, the page gained 605 new followers. Not just this, the traction that this short campaign delivered on social media set the momentum for further campaigns on social media and contributed towards significant strides in getting Vatika in the consideration set of the customers.

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