The Advent Of The Carolean Age

The Advent Of The Carolean Age
Recently, I had the opportunity of interacting with King Charles III and the Queen Consort. at an event organised by the British Asian Trust at the Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh. It bears considerable testimony to His Majesty’s commitment to the Commonwealth, that he chose this forum amongst his earliest public engagements posts the late Queen’s funeral.

I have always admired His Majesty’s contributions towards organic farming, sustainable ecology and alternative medicine. He listened to my views on these matters with sincere attention and complimented me deeply on our work in multicultural marketing, clearly a subject close to his heart. While being deeply humbled by his interest, it reinforced my belief in his inclusive and contemporary worldview taken by the Monarchy as a whole. This week even the newly anointed Prince of Wales; Prince William honoured his late grandmother by picking up her mantel with renewed commitment expressed towards our Environment its conservation goals.

The event arranged through the British Asian Trust was truly magnificent occasion and to those uninitiated, this Trust is a diaspora-driven development organisation focussed on South Asia. They have a clear focus on social finance products to be the catalysts of change along with a focus on the reduction of poverty and disadvantages in South Asia. Four major areas of influence include Anti-Trafficking, Education, Livelihoods and Mental Health – in sum providing an integrated platform for addressing both timeless and contemporary development issues.

British Asian Trust’s recent interventions include significant support to the Pakistan flood relief efforts, which have been causing much anguish in the country. An emergency food and medical relief engagement was conducted in Sri Lanka during the recent economic crisis while elephant conservation in the Northeastern parts of India has been an ongoing activity. These are just a few of an entire series of programmes undertaken by the Trust over the years.

As we step in optimistically to the Carolean Era, the spontaneous and intrinsic commitment of King Charles III to South Asian causes is a subject of genuine inspiration. It augurs very well for the next phase of Multicultural Britain, where holistic alignment and common fulfilling agendas are encouraged. It was indeed an honour to engage with the King and the Queen Consort and there are many learnings I take home from this privileged interaction.

Diwali on Trafalgar Square

On the 9th of October, the Mayor of London’s signature event, ‘Diwali On Trafalgar Square’ (DOTS), was held with due aplomb. Arguably Europe’s largest public Diwali show, curated by ‘Diwali In London’ (DIL), it enjoyed a smashing turnout. Some of the spectacular elements of the day included Neasden Temple’s Diwali Festival Experience, dance workshops, yoga and meditation, Glimpse of Goddesses, Sari and Turban tying, the Diwali Culture Zone, the Unity Marquee, Soho Theatre Comedy and the ever-popular Children’s marquee, along with a special light up moments at the twilight zone.

Dabur played a significant role in this event, as fronted by the brand Dabur Organic Ghee. Apart from healthy and original cooking demonstrations, two teaspoons of ghee were donated to a local food bank for every visitor to the stall. This proved to be a truly meaningful association with sustainable flavours of home being an abiding inspiration.
It was truly special to catch up with the Mayor of London, Mr. Sadiq Khan, as he enthusiastically oversaw the proceedings. In my conversations with him, he spoke his heart out on matters concerning the nation, festivals and the times

While making the case for a truly multicultural Britain, he expressed a desire to make the Diwali event way bigger than just a Hindu festival, truly inclusive. We spoke about how it is the dream of Indians to make it big in London and it is indeed the hub of enterprise and innovation.

While expressing a spot of concern about rising energy bills and the impact of climate change, with London experiencing a mega hot summer. He urged evocatively that the problem was at our doorstep and instead of criticizing India, China or African states we must learn how to work together.

Diwali On Trafalgar Square was indeed a fabulous trailer for the actual festival, slotted on the 24th of October. Let’s unite on this and every other day to stamp out evil and spread the light of happiness and peace amongst all