The Piece Hall Lights up Lives for the Diwali Weekend

The stunning Georgian architecture of Halifax’s The Piece Hall and its grade 1 listed courtyard hosted an exciting Diwali event on Saturday 6th November. Organised in collaboration with Here and Now 365 Marketing, this afternoon of food and family entertainment featured music and dance performances and an Annapurma dance workshop with optional participation.

Guests browsed stalls offering samples and giveaways and enjoyed a bite to eat from vendors like Mumbai Bites and Simply Delish, among others, before taking a moment to unwind at a meditation workshop by Black Lotus.

In honour of the occasion, the courtyard was festooned with twinkling lights, but the real centrepiece of this Diwali celebration was the lantern lighting spectacle at the end of the event. After an opportunity for attendees to adorn their lanterns at a decorating station during the afternoon, as the sun set on the courtyard everyone turned on their lanterns for a beautiful display of festive lights.

the courtyard of the piece hall in halifax.
The Piece Hall's Courtyard

A Word from Manish Tiwari

“Diwali is an abbreviation of ‘Deep-a-vali’, which literally means festival of lights, and marks the victory of good triumphing over evil; a mastery of human virtues over various temptations and is a reminder that we can overcome them to become better versions of ourselves. 

The pandemic and its aftermath have left our communities saddened, hence the festival this year acting as a ray of hope to usher in a New Year of love and faith. We need our communities to stand with each other and become the beacon of hope lighting up lives around us. This year, The Piece Hall is that beacon, where we not just celebrate but also ‘Light up Lives’ for all.”