The Pill Manager

The Pill Manager

The Pill Manager


Pill Manager

Pill Manager is a simple phone app that can come in helpful when you’re on medicine. It manages the times, frequency and extent of the treatment, it’s simple to use and highly effective in helping you keep up with your prescriptions.

The way it works is you add the specific pills into a list, along with the time of day and frequency of intake, then the phone rings and vibrates to remind you which pellet to pop when.

If you’re on different kinds of meds and have a busy life and a smartphone, this app will save you a lot of stress. All you have to do is carry the phone, the tablets and capsules around with you and the Pill Manager takes care of the rest. Water is also more or less handy in these situations, depending on how experienced a pill-taker you are.

Banter aside, here’s the specifics:

The app keeps an exact history of your medication and has the option to reorder it. While it is fully customisable in terms of times, names and even the way it rings, Pill Manager is PIN protected so your medical situation is kept private. It enables patients to get in touch with their doctors and pharmacists through a secured connection, and it’s all absolutely free of charge.

In a nutshell, this app provides a permanent link between patient and pharmacy of choice, which allows for a series of crucial direct interactions, such as sending over prescription requests or pictures of prescriptions, medicine or visible symptoms for consultation. Any requests the users send out are being instantly displayed on the Pharmacy’s interface as well as being e-mailed. There’s also a reminder system attached to prescriptions, so when the expiry date approaches the patients aren’t caught off guard. In case you don’t own a smartphone, the app is still available for PC online at – just log in and it’s on.

For pharmacists, the same app includes other professional features, to be found under “if you are a pharmacist” section of These include instant notifications from all patients, instant approval to collect prescriptions from the doctor and sending direct updates to patients.

Additionally, the developers have embedded a few marketing ideas for pharmacists as well as for manufacturers. When registered with the Pill Manager network the app can be personalised into the pharmacy brand so that the pharmacy name stays on top of mind for consumers and pharmacists can push ads directly to customers with messages relating to special promotions or services on offer.

This application is a product of HealthNet – a UK-based technology company offering mobile and web-based applications for the pharmaceutical sector.

The Pill Manager

Screenshot of Pill Manager App

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