Why Migrant Inclusive Governance is Needed

Why Migrant Inclusive Governance is Needed


While migration comes with its set of challenges, migrants make significant and essential contributions to the economic, social and cultural development of their host countries and their communities back home.

Migrants as builders of resilience: Migrants also play an important role in building the resilience of home and host communities through the exchange of resources and support. Migrants are often overrepresented in the healthy, productive age groups and provide diversified skills that can support disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts, particularly in ageing societies.

Migrants as agents of local development: Migrants play a central role in forging the links between cities of origin and of destination and in mainstreaming migration into local development planning. City-to-city links are often created or maintained due to the presence of large migrant populations.

Migrants as city-makers: Migrants can help strengthen the place of cities in the global economic and political hierarchy. They can do so by promoting historical, cultural, religious and socioeconomic assets of a city if opportunities exist to enable them to do so.

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