Here and Now 365's first TV Production 'Wattan Ki Khushboo' to go on air tomorrow 15th August 2015 on Zee TV

Here and Now 365’s first TV Production ‘Wattan Ki Khushboo’ to go on air tomorrow 15th August 2015 on Zee TV


Here and Now 365‘s first television production is all set to go live on Zee TV. Venturing into the world of television production with ‘Wattan Ki Khushboo – Masalon Ka Safar’, Here and Now 365, along with Rajah Spices takes you on the journey of spices from India to the UK through the eyes of the migrant.

Anchored by celebrity chef Manju Malhi the four part television series will take viewers on a quest to find the taste of home in the UK starting on Saturday 15th August at 6.30pm on Zee TV.

This unique spice travelogue talks about the main spices in South Asian cooking – cardamom, red chilli, coriander and cumin and how they have enriched the South Asian life and culture in the UK.

Talking about the show Managing Director of Here and Now 365 and producer of the show Manish Tiwari said: “The entire journey of ‘Wattan Ki Khushboo – Masalon Ka Safar’ from concept to shoot to post production has been the most amazing so far in the history of whatever we have done at Here and Now 365. The story of migration is the basis of our existence as an ethnic specialist communications agency; and to go out in pursuit of understanding amazing facets of the community and the cross-cultural exchange through the medium of spices has been enriching and has added to the knowledge bank at Here and Now 365.”

The inspiration of the show was the legacy of spices, and what better way to salute the importance of spices in the everyday life of a South Asian family then by partnering with Rajah Spices – a brand that has been delivering authentic spices since 1931.

Speaking on behalf of Rajah Spices at Westmill Foods Susana Ng, Senior Brand Manager, Rajah Spices: “The efforts of our communications agency Here and Now 365 have manifested really well in the endeavour called ‘Wattan Ki Khushboo – Masalon ka Safar’. Our brand and the range of products help the South Asian community recreate the taste of home here in the UK and this show is an extension of our brand story.  The team at Here and Now 365 have has been instrumental in conceptualising, researching, planning and implementing this project from start ‘till the end. And with 12 months of hard work and dedication, a rich array of endearing stories about South Asian culture, values, aspiration, travel, food and spices has been told through this one of its kind series.”

Manju Malhi, chef and anchor of the show: “As a chef and food writer, I usually come across a lot of fascinating stories about flavours and recipes but ‘Wattan Ki Khushboo’ has been a unique quest which has enabled me to touch upon interesting and unique facets of spices and how every conversation of ours, tradition and meal occasion is practically incomplete without spices. From exploring the history of spice trade to revisiting the legacy of spices in our customs, I have enjoyed every part of this journey. This show has revealed that there is an expert in every home cook and Rajah Spices has been a great enabler of flavours since 1931 in the lives of British Asians.”

Our broadcast partners ZEE Network Europe CEO, Mr. Neeraj Dhingra said, “We have never shied away from trying new and innovative content and with the show ‘Wattan Ki Khushboo’, we have created a unique offering through which viewers can experience the rich heritage of Indian spices. We are certain that this show in the food genre is going to resonate well with our viewers and offer unique value to the sponsor.”

Don’t forget to tune into Zee TV every Saturday starting 15th August at 6.30pm.

Zee TV now available on Sky 788, Virgin 809 and Lebara Play.


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