Opinion: Fair Trade for the World Foods Industry

Opinion: Fair Trade for the World Foods Industry


The World Food Awards held at the Grosvenor House Hotel last week, brought to the forefront ethnic food suppliers, brands, manufacturers, among others. Most notable, though, were all the worthy entrepreneurs and stakeholders who made their kitchen public.

As the World Kitchen grows bigger in the UK, it ensures global cuisine at great prices. But as I sat at the Awards ceremony, I was reminded of another growing responsibility that comes with this expansion – ethical trading. I remember having seen a BBC series on the appalling conditions that workers in developing countries faced while producing clothes for big fashion houses. The world foods industry must caution against a similar fate.

I do like to believe that the Basmati Rice grown in India or Pakistan, the spices grown in Malawi and the yam sourced from the fields in the Caribbean benefit the local producers and the poor farmers in many of these places. It would be good if the World Kitchen sourced is Fair Trade and this is something the industry must stand up for. Global cuisine at great prices, sourced through ethical trading is surely a win-win situation for all. I hope Tesco, Asda and Morrisons who all rallied to support the Awards on Saturday night would agree to this spirit.

PS. We, as an agency, had our share of glory when the ads we had created for the event brochure were appreciated, seen as befitting the mood of the occasion. Of course, there was the lovely ad from Incredible India, with a red I have seldom seen so deep ever in print. Truly Incredible!

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