Rajah Wattan Ki Khushboo: Masalon Ka Safar- reaches its final destination

Rajah Wattan Ki Khushboo: Masalon Ka Safar- reaches its final destination


After discovering the fascinating stories of cardamoms, red chillies and cumin seeds, our spice journey enters its final chapter this Saturday with the exploration of Haldi. Here and Now 365’s first television production, Rajah Wattan Ki Khushboo: Masalon Ka Safar has been a unique spice travelogue that has brought out the story of migration from the Indian sub-continent to the UK.

With the telecast date of the final episode coming close, the experience of putting it all together has been enriching. As a multicultural agency, diversity has always been at the heart of our communications, and through this four part series we have brought out the story of migration through spices giving us a deeper insight into the migrants’ journey and the lives of the not only the first but second generation as well. Right from the research to the filming across 49 locations in India and the UK and the post production – our first television production has been an enriching experience.

Talking about Here and Now 365‘s foray into television production, Account Director Preet Khanna said: “After a year’s journey of exploration and research, it gives us immense pride in bringing the viewers in the UK the final episode of our spice travelogue Wattan Ki Khushboo. In this episode we will touch upon the myriad rituals, customs and traditions of our South Asian value system woven beautifully with the story of the auspicious spice – Haldi. The flavours of home formed a great background for us to go and explore the cultural exchange between the Indian subcontinent and the UK and I would like to thank each and everyone who has been associated with this show. Although, this is the closing episode of the 4 part series, but we are committed to bringing to the fore amazing stories and facets of our rich cultural heritage and celebrating the British Asian culture in the UK – so keep watching this space”.

The finale episode promises to be full of many such stirring migrant stories through haldi/turmeric. Celebrity chef Manju Malhi takes a closer look at the cultural identity of the second generation British Asians through this multi-faceted spice and we uncover the many shades of turmeric from its use in the royal customs, to its presence in wedding traditions and last but not the least desi cooking.

With many such fascinating new stories, the grand finale of Rajah Wattan Ki Khushboo: Masalon Ka Safar which is all set to go on air this Saturday, 6:30 pm is the culmination of this quest called the taste of home.

Here and Now 365 has always prided itself for promoting multiculturalism and celebrating the ethnic diversity of the UK.


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