Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Kareem!

It’s once again time to celebrate Ramadan. The holy month is a time for Muslims to fast from sunrise to sunset. It is also a time to reflect, to spend time with family and to give back to those in need. It is all about expressing gratitude and kindness and showing others you care.

How can you show multicultural communities your support this Ramadan?

Here and Now 365 – defining Multicultural Marketing is here to help you show multicultural communities you care, by helping you make sure they feel represented in your marketing!

#MutlculturalUK #Facts

There are close to 4 million Muslims living in the UK* they are from different ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds including those from South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and more.

There are over 1.63 million Pakistanis, 0.7 million Bangladeshis, 310,000 Arabs, 70,000 Iranians, 500,000 Turks and 80,000 Afghans, living in the UK, the majority of them are Muslim. There are also 295,000 Indian Muslims and 300,000 Black Muslims living in the UK.

*ONS 2020 speculation is 3,194,791
Indian Muslims 14% of 2.1 million
Black Muslims 15% of 2 million